Good News for Struggling Christians!

I want to share a valuable lesson I learned. It is my prayer this post helps others to understand how God progressively works out a "done deal" in Heaven in our day to day lives here on earth!

Many Christians, particularly new ones in the family, struggle with this verse:

 “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” 2 Corinthians 5:17

Here's the good news I discovered:

Did you know you are as righteous now as you ever will be?

Look at a newly uprooted tree. It maintains a green appearance for several days until the life drains out of it. It eventually will manifest the truth: it has been severed from its life source and is dead!

Because the truth is instantaneous but transformation is not, we wonder if we’re really saved after all!

We often assume that God the Father stays mad at us because we don’t always feel or act new. But God does not think according to our thoughts, nor is He like earthly fathers who often respond conditionally based on our performance.

Did you know that the verb phrase are become is in the perfect tense, which means that the verb is representing an action that was definitely completed in the past but has continuing results!

Yes, we really are made new in Him…truly “born again”.  But the earthly proof of this Heavenly event is progressive.

It is a fact that every child of God has been severed from the old nature at the root and planted into Christ, but the evidence of BOTH--death to Adam's ways and new life in Jesus--is an ongoing, lifelong partnership between the believer and the Holy Spirit.

"Work out (as in a gym) your OWN salvation..." Phil.2:1
(By the way, it doesn't say to work out someone else's Salvation, now does it?  And just as important: this verse does NOT mean striving to legalistically "figure" out your Salvation, either!)

You see, we all have muscles, but some people's muscles are "worked out" or are better seen.

Christian evidence (called sanctification) has nothing to do with our status with God, which is based on grace alone and not works.

As resistance builds the body's muscles, so the Holy Spirit builds only to the degree we move into Him and cooperate as He presses against those things in our lives that are not pleasing to God.

However, the more our faith is "worked out" and becomes evident to others, the more we are conformed into the image of Christ and become His heart, hands, and voice to a hurting world.

My grandchildren love me--no matter what! But when I haven't taken care of my physical body, I cannot participate in their active lives as they ask and as I'd like.

The world is asking to see the real Jesus! They need His incarnate Body active and fully engaged in all arenas of life--making a difference--fully able to run the race to the finish line!

You don't get there overnight, but you don't get there by wallowing in guilt and condemnation, either!

You've ALREADY been uprooted out of darkness and bondage to the flesh; you've ALREADY been placed into Christ and into His life in the Spirit, wherein there is freedom!

Embrace the good news and walk out what is already done and is already yours in Christ Jesus; get focused, report to your personal trainer, The Holy Spirit and oh, yeah…remember to BREATHE!

Although your newness will not be perfectly evidenced in this life, you can certainly gain significant victories and walk in a compelling, resonating faith!

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