Welcome to the Promised Land. Now Get to Work!

I was sitting in a service listening to Dr. Bill Hamon, founder of Christian International. He said everybody talks about Canaan Land--a land that flows with milk and honey. “But just HOW did the Israelites get the honey and milk?” he asked.

I was stumped. In looking around the auditorium, it appeared no one else had  thought it through, either. (Have you?)

The Bible records that the manna ceased the day they crossed over the Jordan. No more food dropping out of the sky...no more stepping out of the tent, bending over, and putting it in a jar.

SOMEBODY was going to have to rob the hives and chase down the wild cows, and it wasn't God!

So often we think of Canaan Land as Heaven, but actually it's a land of Christian maturity.

Crossing the Red Sea is leaving bondage to sin and the devil; crossing the Jordan is getting over yourself. More people seem to get out of Egypt than out of the wilderness.

But those who do are personally assured of victory ahead of time by God. They are divinely sanctioned to take authority over the bees in order to grab the honey, to subdue the wild cows to squeeze out the milk, and remove those pests with "ites" on the end of their names that like to settle in when there's a vacancy.

Here’s a known fact: something will always fill a spiritual vacuum, so don’t be surprised or upset to find “squatters” on your property that will need DIS-possessing when you finally arrive to take up legal residence. And as we know from Scripture, such crude entities don’t politely leave. Neither do bees. And wild cows don’t come when called.

Your eternity is already fully and completely secured. That's justification, and it occurred the moment you said "yes" to Jesus by faith and were regenerated by grace.

For the rest of your life, you will progressively "work out this Salvation" (bringing the inward change outwardly into everyday life) with the help of the Holy Spirit. This accompanying work of grace is called Sanctification, and that's what crossing the Jordan is all about--not your eternity, but manifesting and enjoying what God has said is yours in the here and now!

Unlike the Red Sea that parted BEFORE the people crossed, the "Jordan experience" requires those who carry God's presence to step into a river at flood stage, swirling with frightening currents, knowing full well that there are giants waiting for them on the other side.

God's people also knew that once over the Jordan, their familiar hand-fed faith would no longer operate. Only a determined, pursuing faith of personal initiative would cause them to successfully locate, root up, plant down, and bear consistent fruit.

That's the very reason many sons and daughters today with great potential and promises choose to remain comfortably on the East side of the Jordan. The way forward is just too hard!

"...the Kingdom of heaven has endured violent assault, and violent men seize it by force (as a precious prize sought with the most ardent zeal and intense exertion). Matthew 11:12 Amplified

Hence, Canaan Land isn't Heaven! Heaven’s not full of devils who won’t give me what’s mine.

I know. Before the truth makes us free, it makes us mad, right?

By the way, Caleb, here’s your bee suit and smoker, and your cattle roping lessons start at 3PM...sharp!

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